Safe & Secure Self Storage Prices

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Main Floor Storage Units

4x4 Storage Locker

Main Floor
$34.00 Monthly
  • Month to Month Rentals
  • Packing & Moving Supplies
  • Recorded Video Surveillance
  • 10% off Military Discount
  • 10% off Teachers Discount
  • 10% off Students Discount

5x5 Storage Unit

Main Floor
$70.00 Monthly
  • Month to Month Rentals
  • Packing & Moving Supplies
  • Recorded Video Surveillance
  • 10% off Military Discount
  • 10% off Teachers Discount
  • 10% off Students Discount

5x10 Storage Unit

Main Floor
$92.00 Monthly
  • Month to Month Rentals
  • Packing & Moving Supplies
  • Recorded Video Surveillance
  • 10% off Military Discount
  • 10% off Teachers Discount
  • 10% off Students Discount

5x15 Storage Unit

Main Floor
$118.00 Monthly
  • Month to Month Rentals
  • Packing & Moving Supplies
  • Recorded Video Surveillance
  • 10% off Military Discount
  • 10% off Teachers Discount
  • 10% off Students Discount

10x10 Storage Unit

Main Floor
$140.00 Monthly
  • Month to Month Rentals
  • Packing & Moving Supplies
  • Recorded Video Surveillance
  • 10% off Military Discount
  • 10% off Teachers Discount
  • 10% off Students Discount

10x20 Storage Unit

Main Floor
$261.00 Monthly
  • Month to Month Rentals
  • Packing & Moving Supplies
  • Recorded Video Surveillance
  • 10% off Military Discount
  • 10% off Teachers Discount
  • 10% off Students Discount

10x22 Storage Locker

Main Floor
$275.00 Monthly
  • Month to Month Rentals
  • Packing & Moving Supplies
  • Recorded Video Surveillance
  • 10% off Military Discount
  • 10% off Teachers Discount
  • 10% off Students Discount6

10x25 Storage Unit

Main Floor
$279.00 Monthly
  • Month to Month Rentals
  • Packing & Moving Supplies
  • Recorded Video Surveillance
  • 10% off Military Discount
  • 10% off Teachers Discount
  • 10% off Students Discount

10x35 Storage Unit

Main Floor
$366.00 Monthly
  • Month to Month Rentals
  • Packing & Moving Supplies
  • Recorded Video Surveillance
  • 10% off Military Discount
  • 10% off Teachers Discount
  • 10% off Students Discount

Second Floor Storage Units

3x3 Storage Locker

Second Floor
$19.00 Monthly
  • Month to Month Rentals
  • Packing & Moving Supplies
  • Recorded Video Surveillance
  • 10% off Military Discount
  • 10% off Teachers Discount
  • 10% off Students Discount

5x5 Storage Unit

Second Floor
$60.00 Monthly
  • Month to Month Rentals
  • Packing & Moving Supplies
  • Recorded Video Surveillance
  • 10% off Military Discount
  • 10% off Teachers Discount
  • 10% off Students Discount

5x6 Storage Unit

Second Floor
$63.00 Monthly
  • Month to Month Rentals
  • Packing & Moving Supplies
  • Recorded Video Surveillance
  • 10% off Military Discount
  • 10% off Teachers Discount
  • 10% off Students Discount

6x6 Storage Unit

Second Floor
$67.00 Monthly
  • Month to Month Rentals
  • Packing & Moving Supplies
  • Recorded Video Surveillance
  • 10% off Military Discount
  • 10% off Teachers Discount
  • 10% off Students Discount

6x7 Storage Unit

Second Floor
$74.00 Monthly
  • Month to Month Rentals
  • Packing & Moving Supplies
  • Recorded Video Surveillance
  • 10% off Military Discount
  • 10% off Teachers Discount
  • 10% off Students Discount

5x10 Storage Unit

Second Floor
$83.00 Monthly
  • Month to Month Rentals
  • Packing & Moving Supplies
  • Recorded Video Surveillance
  • 10% off Military Discount
  • 10% off Teachers Discount
  • 10% off Students Discount

6x10 Storage Locker

Second Floor
$92.00 Monthly
  • Month to Month Rentals
  • Packing & Moving Supplies
  • Recorded Video Surveillance
  • 10% off Military Discount
  • 10% off Teachers Discount
  • 10% off Students Discount6

6x11 Storage Unit

Second Floor
$98.00 Monthly
  • Month to Month Rentals
  • Packing & Moving Supplies
  • Recorded Video Surveillance
  • 10% off Military Discount
  • 10% off Teachers Discount
  • 10% off Students Discount

5x15 Storage Unit

Second Floor
$103.00 Monthly
  • Month to Month Rentals
  • Packing & Moving Supplies
  • Recorded Video Surveillance
  • 10% off Military Discount
  • 10% off Teachers Discount
  • 10% off Students Discount

We have thousands of units available for anyone to save space and money by renting storage units from us. Awesome discounts and professionalism at its finest. Contact us today if you’d like to save money.

Safe & Secure Self Storage Bergen County NJ is located on Lanza Avenue in Garfield New Jersey a suburb of Bergen County. We’re located right off the Garden State Parkway and right off Rte. 46. Our location is within 15 Miles of Bergen, Essex, Hudson and Passaic County’s. If you’re looking for a place to maximize your space contact us today and store in an affordable way.

  • Company

    Safe & Secure Self Storage Garfield

  • Address

    141 Lanza Ave Bldg. 17 Garfield, NJ 07026

  • Phone Number

    (973) 556-2440

  • Email

  • Business Hours

    Mon – Wed 8am-7pm Thur – Fri 8am-8pm Sat 9am-6pm Sun 9:30am-5:30pm

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See what our customers say about our storage facility


Richard Andrchewicz
17:53 22 Jun 24
I had a unit for several years ,and in that time I never had a problem.The staff were always helpful. The plant was always clean.someone was always doing something.if you called they were always there to help you.if I ever need a unit this is the place were I will go.they always have carts to help you.this is just a great place .Let me say to the owners and staff Thank You very much you made a problem go away thank you again.Richard Andrychewicz.
heily perez
12:56 22 Jun 24
My experience at Safe & Secure Storage was amazing; The guys at the front desk, Mabel and Kevin, were so helpful and made me feel so welcome. They made the process so easy for me and offered great suggestions for my storage unit. Thank you so much for that outstanding customer service.
Melinda Isidoro
01:52 22 Jun 24
Wonderful service. Love the access to my storage unit and the efficiency of the booking process. Our representative Kevin was friendly and I loved that we had a gold cart ride to check out our unit (especially in this heat wave). They have several options for your needs and different price points. We checked out other storage companies before this and this was the best. We just started with them so I’ll update in a few months but so far so good! Thanks Kevin!
Ben Wng
14:37 03 Jun 24
This space was perfect. Saw the 2 months free plus rental truck (partial) reimbursement. Climate controlled. It works!Mabel who showed us the space, was very helpful answering our various questions. Great!
Nik Vasilic
17:24 30 May 24
Mabel made it so easy to find and rent the storage locker that fit my needs. I'm downsizing and needed some place to store my tools and some shelving, and she ended up selling me a 10×20 unit at a very competitive rate.I shopped around 6 different storage centers in the Passaic and Bergen county area before deciding to go with Safe and Secure Storage.
Miguel Reyes
13:51 21 May 24
I’ve been a customer for more than 10 years at Self & Secure Self Storage. Although, my experience has been great throughout the years, it’s never been better, since Keisha, Kevin & Mabel have been at the helm. Always willing to help and go on and beyond to address any of my concerns. I truly recommend this place. I believe they have special offers now. Let them know, that unit 05105 referred you.
Anthony Dimayo
12:20 14 May 24
I am very satisfied with this storage facility. Always clean and functional. Staff is very courtius and helpful. Great prices. Only one issue is availability is a bit limited.
Leslie Martinez
22:04 26 Apr 24
Mabel customer service skills are phenomenal! She was extremely professional, guided us through, answered every question and seem to be in a good receiving mood. Mabel also explained everything detail by detail, helped me by calculating the space she thought would be a better election for me to put in my furniture. Thank you Mabel for providing all the information needed. Always ask for Mabel.
Charles Redmond
20:51 20 Apr 24
Kevin and his manager were great in assisting my needs of finding an appropriate storage unit for myself. Each provided excellent customer service and went above and beyond with regards to my storage unit, pricing, and customer service. You cannot beat the price here thus far as the deal is good. Thanks guys!
Amya Casallas
21:37 18 Apr 24
Perfect place for easy access storage. I’ve had a unit with them for two years now and just recently I had to switch to a smaller unit within the same building. They made the process so easy and seamless! Can’t recommend them enough
Leila Jean-Julien
16:37 13 Apr 24
This place is awesome! Best experience I’ve had so far with a storage facility! They offer great prices and perks too! Like first 2months free and a rental truck credit. We saw it online and thought it was too good to be true but we went and Kevin gave us a walk through and explained the prices. The place is huge!! We signed up right away! Literally nothing bad to say.
Zulma Schiffino
17:43 04 Apr 24
Easy to make an appointment and they had availability for what I needed. Kevin was patient and explained every question we had. The business provides great promotions and units were very clean. I would recommend this storage unit.
Wayne Jennings
15:29 19 Mar 24
I recently secured several storage rooms at this location and was overwhelmed with the professionalism and kindness of Keshia and Kelvin. I had to come several days and each time they treated me like family. I was satisfied with the pricing and security of the facility. I would highly recommend this location which had easy access and locally right around the corner.
Heather Belmares
16:14 06 Mar 24
Safe & Secure Self Storage went above and beyond helping meet all our needs. I had to handle a storage unit for a relative who was in a long term hospital stay several states away which is no easy task. Keisha and her team were very helpful in helping me handle our needs. I would absolutely recommend them for your storage needs.
Ilyas Altug
21:31 29 Feb 24
I've utilized storage services for nearly a year, and their professionalism and helpfulness have been outstanding. I've never encountered any issues. I confidently stored my surplus items without any worries. From the day I signed the lease agreement to the day I terminated it, they were extremely helpful in every aspect. If I ever need storage again, I know where to go. I highly recommend them to anyone in search of storage solutions.
Aaron Arce
20:36 13 Jan 24
This place came highly recommended from some dear friends, we’ve currently been in a unit for a-little under two years, my wife and I absolutely love their service and unit. We’ve never had an issue with management or rodents or pest of any sort . I’m actually super surprised by that. I’ve had so many units in the past where the management is terrible, pest control isn’t a thing and by the time it’s ready to move those belongings out of the way they’re damaged and the management doesn’t take any responsibility. Absolutely love these guys, would rate 20 stars if possible!
Crescent Washington
17:53 09 Jan 24
My whole overall experience was pleasant from the time that I inquired about renting a unit all the way to finalizing renting the unit. Kevin was great, very informative, professional, patient and knowledgeable of his job. I encountered other staff. I didn't get their names but they too were great. The store place and units are very clean it's a well kept property and I feel that my things are in a safe space. I will recommend this place to anyone who needs a storage space. I am a very satisfied customer!
Lucas Klemer
19:35 01 Dec 23
The service was fast and convenient, came in and asked for a unit 10x10, bing bang boom. Then noticed I had quite a bit more than I thought. Needed to change unit and Kevin was a great help and got me into another unit same day, 10x15, great price. Clean and spacious, will work with you, if you have any issues.
Nadene Keis
16:38 01 Dec 23
Such a smooth, easy experience from beginning to end! Mabel welcomed me in and was super sweet. She also reminded me about February payment needing to be on 02/28 (since my payment is due on the 30th! She saved me from paying a late fee!!!). Kevin helped me book my storage unit and gave me numerous size options & different floors to make it easier for me! He personally walked me to the unit and gave detailed step-by-step instructions on how to use elevator etc. He was amazing! Very patient and kind. Best storage experience I have had thus far and I work for a moving company so I deal with A LOT! Highly recommend Safe and Secure. Side note: the storage unit is also linked to numerous factories (tea, cheese, snacks) so it smells yummy throughout your visit. NICE TOUCH!
Shonna Dubose
16:24 01 Dec 23
Just wanted to stop by and say I like self & care storage .I used to work for Access and I know what good customer services and cleanliness is!The facility is clean can’t complain. Customer service is always great. Had an issue one time Kevin went over and above to meet the needs that I needed at the current time !!! He’s always pleasant, friendly, and willing go out his way to help !!Great facility if you need storage!I currently need long-term storage because my apartment is smaller until I move into my house next year! I definitely recommend Safe & Storage to everybody.
Kiran Herapara
12:27 26 Nov 23
Very good place and friendly service. I got few months free as a promotional before I get billed. Mabel helped out with basics of the storage unit and gave a tour. She thought out the process to make it easy when moving stuff into the unit box.
Ed Specht
18:13 13 Nov 23
Just finished moving from another storage company that raised my rates what seemed like every 3 months. The intro rate here was amazing and even if they eventually double the rate after the intro rate I'll still be saving hundreds each year. The staff, both Mable and Kevin, were as helpful as could be. They both went out of their way to make sure everything went as smoothly as possible and were pleasant and easy to work with. The facility and units are clean and easily accessible. I could not be more pleased.
Ben Knauer
13:30 11 Nov 23
Mabel at Safe & Secure Storage was just outstanding. Not only friendly and mellow, but she knew every detail of this (great, and growing) storage facility. And - after she asks you questions about your needs and storage issues - she'll work with you to show you the best space she/they can offer. NO hard sell, so friendly! Thanks Mabel! Great start!
Talitha Crespo
14:03 31 Oct 23
I am extremely satisfied with this company. If i can give 10 stars I would to KEVIN.......... you are the best, most professional person. I will definitely recommend you to everyone I encounter. This place is so convenient, clean and accessible any day and time. Thank you for everything !!!!!!!!!!!*************
bruce brandecker
17:04 26 Oct 23
Kevin was extremely respectful and helpful. He walked me through the whole process and took extra care to make sure my mother, who's English is very poor, understood everything. Would recommend this storage place over any other
Sampath Vuluvala
18:58 21 Oct 23
I recently had the pleasure of using the storage services at this facility, and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed. From start to finish, the experience was nothing short of excellent.First and foremost, the customer service was outstanding. The staff members were friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to assist. They patiently answered all my questions, helped me choose the right storage unit size for my needs, and made the entire process incredibly smooth.The storage units themselves were in impeccable condition. It was clear that they prioritize cleanliness and maintenance. My unit was spotless, and I felt confident storing my belongings there, knowing they would be well-protected.The security measures in place were also top-notch, which provided me with peace of mind. The access control systems and surveillance cameras made me feel secure, knowing that my items were safe and under constant watch.In addition to these key aspects, the convenience of the location was a significant plus. Easy access, well-lit corridors, and moving equipment available on-site made the loading and unloading process a breeze.Overall, I cannot recommend this storage facility highly enough. The combination of excellent customer service, clean and secure storage units, and convenience truly sets this place apart. If you're in need of storage solutions, I wholeheartedly endorse their services. You won't be disappointed!
danilsa almonte
22:48 20 Oct 23
This Storage has been a game changer. It is everything I was looking for, and the staff here is extremely helpful in making the onboarding process easy. Their detailed explanations of security procedures have left me assured that I made the right choice. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a storage facility.
Carmen M
17:49 20 Oct 23
Great experience from start to end, I was welcomed into the store by a guy named Kelvin. He explained everything in detail from pricing,to sizes etc. He even gave me, and my family a walk through to see exactly what storage space would be ideally correct for us. He made the process quick,and non stressful. I would definitely recommend this location for your storage needs, the pricing is great too!
Miguel Feliz
23:00 11 Oct 23
Great storage facility, Keshia the manager is very pleasant to work with. She is very knowledgeable of what she does. Easy peasy experience all around move in was fast and easy. Safe and Secure you have a great office team.
Joanna Vargas
21:43 28 Sep 23
I was there this past Saturday inquiring info for a storage unit, and I was blown away by the awesome customer service I received, that I decided to go a head and secure a unit. The gentlemen who showed me around was so welcoming and knowledgeable. For me it was a huge plus that it is a family owned business, I’m confident my stuff will be safe in that facility.
Abhishek Dubey
20:24 18 Sep 23
The people here are incredibly humble and patient. They showed me a couple of units to choose from and offered options for upgrades whenever necessary. It’s the best price you can find in North Jersey; no one can beat it. Period. The units are clean, pest-free, and easily accessible. The team is always ready to assist and guide whenever it’s needed. I would 💯 recommend this place
Fulvio Della Volta
18:42 16 Sep 23
Me and my wife rented a storage unit here for the past 16 months. Thanks to Fred and his level of care and understanding, it still feels like having a second home. Thank you again for the extraordinary storage experience!
Dina Leotsakas
18:32 27 Jul 23
My fiancé and I highly recommend Safe & Secure Self Storage! We just moved to the area and the staff was extremely helpful. Kevin made our storage experience stress-free, quick, and easy. He personally took us to our unit and was highly knowledgeable and informative. The rates are low and they even provided us with dust covers for our unit and belongings. If you are in need of a storage unit, go to Safe & Secure! Thank you Kevin and the staff at Safe & Secure!
Alysia Martinez
11:42 27 Jun 23
The check in process was very easy. The staff were very friendly & helpful & made sure I understood clearly how to access my unit & navigate the facility. There are plenty of rolling carts on the ground level to assist with your move. The elevator is a great size & the super wide frame — wider than the elevators in other storage places I’ve seen — makes moving VERY convenient. I’d definitely recommend this place.
Dana Guzman
03:41 14 Jun 23
This is my first time getting a storage unit and Safe & Secure made the process easy and stress free. Antonio was amazing giving quotes over the phone and explaining everything and when me and my husband got there the quotes stayed the same, no hidden fees. Fred, the owner, showed us the units and was helpful and respectful. We ran into a little issue the first time getting into the unit on a Sunday and the owner himself returned my call and walked me through getting into the unit. I highly recommend Safe & Secure.
Maryanne Ruiz
03:10 26 Apr 23
This storage facility is a very good place. They’re helpful, considerate and easy to get a long with. Its clean and easy to access your valuables, now some people may only count valuables as possessions worth a good deal of money, however memorabilia from ones life is more valuable to many also. I believe the staff and family of this business here are not only respectful but go out of their way to help their clients. And make them feel important. I would recommend this place to all who need storage in this area, they’re truly a blessing.
Jasper P.
17:22 18 Apr 23
Found their Garfield facility almost 2yrs ago.The rates are great; the place is clean; the staff is responsive, friendly, & accommodating (thank you, Kelvin!); the Web portal for payments is user-friendly. It's a solid, well-managed business with decent hours that include Sunday access, on-site dollies to transport your stuff, & seamless parking. I'm really happy I found them, and have recommended them to a few friends.I would suggest keeping battery-powered lamp(s) in your storage space if you plan to be in there for a while at work, because the sensor-activated lights will power-off every 15min.Also, their storage amenities -- locks, boxes, tape, etc. -- are reasonably priced on site, and that is much appreciated!! (Not a good feeling to be scalped when you're already a client, know what I mean?) They even gave me free wooden construction palates so I could protect my boxes better by keeping them elevated off the ground.Last, be advised that during the torrential Tri-State downpour of Sept 2021, I walked through the whole place and saw no evidence anywhere of puddles or other leakage. And my unit is one flight beneath ground level. So that's a weight off my mind....!
Shortee M
21:04 19 Oct 21
Great location, Great staff & very clean facility. Do high recommend. Also forgot to mention good promotions😁
Kayy Xo
18:49 04 Oct 21
My uncle and I rented a storage unit here today for my mum’s items and the service was amazing. The sweet lady in the front made sure that our experience was nice and efficient. She made sure to inform us that cameras are within the facility so it’s nice to know that our storage units are watched over! The service was excellent and I recommend this storage facility to anyone looking for nice and affordable storage units!
Lourdes M Rodriguez
20:10 03 Sep 21
A great experience. They even offered my father a chair to sit and that meant alot. Great deal. It was just a mind blowing experience compared to all the rip off we have experienced in the past. Highly recommended. We are extremely grateful and happy.
Diedre Ware
06:48 22 Aug 21
And the "Exceptional Customer Service Award" goes to Safe & Secure Self Storage of Garfield, New Jersey. The first person who answers the phone of a business (to me) represents the company. And that is what happened when I spoke with a man named Bill of Safe & & Secure Self Storage. I live in Los Angeles, and I called to secure a storage unit for a family member. Bill answered all my questions and sent information to look over, and he encouraged me to call if I had any questions. A sincere thanks to Bill.I had a few more questions, and I wanted to secure a unit after reading over the material and viewing their website with all their safety measures, and I loved their prices. However, I realized the business would close shortly, so I took my chance and called.The gentleman that picked up and assisted me did not seem bothered that the business would close shortly. But, unfortunately, I had a problem with my computer filling out the information (and being mindful of the time and that a storm was brewing in Jersey); I nervously waited for him to tell me to call back on Monday. Instead, he answered my questions, and he continued to help until I could secure a storage unit. Before we ended our conversation, I asked him what his position was; he told me he was the manager.Words cannot describe the patience, kindness, and professionalism I received. Hands down, this is the best storage unit in Garfield, New Jersey.So again, I sincerely thank you and your staff.
P Durkin
09:26 01 Aug 21
This is my first time ever renting a self-storage space so I wasn't sure what to expect. What I DIDNT expect was a phone call from the co-owner of the place within seconds of tentatively booking a unit online and asking a few questions by telephone with the office. Without any sales pressure whatsoever he welcomed me to the experience, answered all my questions, and even found a better rate for me than I had found on the online self-storage search site I was using. When I arrived for my "move-in" he met me at the office and introduced me to the staff who registered me happily and without a hitch. The folks who work here are fantastic and super-accommodating. My unit was in a freshly converted building with easy access. My movers were able to pull up directly in front of the entry door. I got lucky and picked a winner with this one. It's about a 45 minute drive out of westchester county for me, very doable since I don"t intend to need to access my stuff much. I bought two years in advance and got 2 or 3 free months and a great rate. So far so VERY good.
Michelle Roman
20:36 02 Jul 21
Was looking for a reliable storage place close to home. Walked into Safe & Secure with a lot of questions and I was greeted warmly by the two women sitting at the reception area. They were very patient and answered every question I had! The building and storage unit were clean, making the decision to rent here super easy!I look forward to seeing and dealing with the staff again.
Peter Pal
01:27 01 Jul 21
Dear Sylvia, I would like to thank You for accommodating my needs today. I was very impressed with the level of your professionalism. Thank You again, I will definitely recommend your services to my friends. Regards Piotr
Molly Oberstein-Allen
22:40 30 Jun 21
I'm so glad I went with Safe and Secure Self Storage!! Beyond having better prices than anywhere else I could find in the area, they've made every part of my storage experience incredibly easy. I'm relocating to New York for school in the fall and needed to put some things into the unit before I made the move. Safe and Secure made it super easy for me to let movers and my roommate into the space remotely and have been extremely gracious about the logistical nightmare that moving things to a storage unit remotely entails. I know I can rest easy and that my things are in good hands. I would highly recommend Safe and Secure to anyone. Thank you so much!!
peter baruxis
14:52 23 Jun 21
The facility is clean, it uses keypad entry and cameras in and out for security & well lit. I've compared it to other facilities for price, safety, access etc. and this was the best choice for me. I can load and unload from my vehicle to inside in bad weather under overhead protection. The staff is friendly and very professional, my last contact was with Sylvia and that was a bright spot in my day, she was helpful and knowledgeable, and any time that I deal with any of the staff either at the office or by phone I am fully satisfyed. Thumbs up - 5 stars.
01:39 04 May 21
Please look no further for fair and convenient storage space. Not only the rates are the best in NJ but also the management’s hospitality is a delight. Forget “franchised storage companies” and get the real deal with real people that understand your needs and frustrations when it comes to storage. Me and my wife are great fans and our big moving day was definitively facilitated by this place. That’s all.
Shauna Sias
22:19 23 Apr 21
Ms Debbie was very professional, concise, and very knowledgeable. Atmosphere was comfortable as well as educational. Job well done and thank you! I feel prepared and ready to educate!!!
BumpPro Products
08:46 25 Feb 21
I’m glad to have found a storage unit at this location. A very clean and secure environment. As for the staff, Keshia & Ivanna are very friendly and always willing to help. Also, they go on and beyond to make sure customers are satisfied and help find solutions when issues arise. I’ve rented storage units in other locations, but here I feel at home. Furthermore, thank you girls for always helping the people I refer to your storage. Every single one of them speak very highly of you girls. Continue to provide excellent customer service, and hopefully your company recognizes your dedication and hard work.
Serena Shanbhag
01:47 06 Feb 21
Great service, response, prices. I would highly recommend this storage company - the unit is clean, temperature controlled, and has easy access. I've only had great experiences with the staff.
John Cerdeira
00:42 25 Jan 21
This place is amazing, very courteous, very professional, very helpful on every customer’s needs. Staff is very friendly and very attentive to every person’s needs so I’d recommend this storage facility any day any time. Management is also amazing as well as the owner who I had the privilege to speak to over the phone so yes this place is awesome and their prices are truly affordable beyond point so if anyone is looking for a storage spot, well this is the place you all should look and rent from. These are my thoughts of this place and believe me you won’t regret it whatsoever. Come and join this place it’s the best place you won’t find nowhere else believe that so I give them the 5 stars or more stars treatment because they all deserve it at this place.
Maria Laura Dara
17:06 30 Dec 20
I am a repeat and long term customer of Safe and Secure. They are my first and only choice.The facility is safe, clean and well lit with easy access. Check in is simple. There is constant communication and updates about anything new.The staff and owners are friendly and helpful and will do what it takes to make your experience 100% excellent!
Richard Jurewicz
19:07 18 Nov 20
I am extremely satisfied with this storage facility. The building is clean, the prices are reasonable, the employees are friendly and it is very convenient. The signup was simple and quick. The elevators make it easy to access my upstairs unit. It is a pleasure to deal with such a well-run company...never any problems. I don't know why anyone would rent elsewhere!!!
Larisa Yankovich
01:34 18 Nov 20
So glad I found this place!! Husband and I needed to find a self-storage place quick due to some emergency repair work being done at home. This place is fantastic. Super cool vintage industrial vibe; nice , clean storage place, easy access, conveniently located. We went here in the evening, almost closing time. We were assisted by Keisha who was very professional and very nice in presenting our options and getting us signed on. I would definitely recommend this place- friendly service, great prices, very pleasant experience !!
Daniela Munoz
22:44 12 Nov 20
Needed to store a couple items and I did extensive research on a couple different locations. I picked this one because of the location and price and I’m happy I did. It’s really safe, and the staff is very nice. Being that it’s a family owned company, I know I’ll be taken care of better so I’m glad I went with them instead of one of the big name brands.
Henny Avitan
20:50 24 Oct 20
I would just like to say to anyone who is trying to decide on a self storage place, THIS STORAGE IS THE BESSTTTTTTT AND MOST PROFESSIONAL!!!!! When I first found them in the summertime I was frantic and could not find the correct place because I wanted to find a place that I knew his temperature controlled and clean and one that I felt safe with. After I found this company I gave them a call the customer service representative was so incredibly helpful, you could just hear the air of patience that she had with my million questions! After I went there I could’ve been more satisfied with the security and cleanliness. The representative Sue, Paul and Marvin were always there and didn’t hesitate with any of my needs!! The Manager even gave me a cover for my furniture for free when I signed up!!I want to say that this company has my highest recommendation. Thank you again! And I will be using your services in the future. 😀
Meridith Mikulich
00:53 27 Sep 20
Wonderful place! Really friendly staff, great rates/promos, and so accommodating! Facilities are clean, plenty of dollies/equipment, easy to pull up a truck and unload. Very satisfied customer!
Jasmine Sanchez
01:26 22 Sep 20
I love this place. It’s clean bright lighting safe and easy access to my storage unit. Staff is friendly and courteous. The prices are reasonable.
Ashley Miyashiro
19:43 21 Sep 20
I had the pleasure of dealing with keisha she’s an awesome person to deal with. Very understanding and she helped me with everything I needed!! Will be calling back to speak to her if I ever have a question.
James Ferraro
13:11 23 Jul 20
I have been a customer for approx 10 years. They are great until this pandemic hit. As we all struggle during these very difficult times , safe and secure find the need to charge late fees. Not only a late fee but a $30+ late fee. Well thanks S& S for the compassion and thoughtfulness to your customers. Bravo !!
Ebony Chavis
22:25 16 Jul 20
Thank you so much to Keisha for helping me!!! Very prompt and convenient services offered!!! very polite and helpful staff
Henrietta M Paz-Amor
11:44 13 Jul 20
Excellent service. I really appreciate how they accommodated our last minute changes to the reservation. And when that didn’t work for us - they found us an even better space at the location. Highly recommend this storage facility. It is safe, friendly and secure - cameras where you need them to guard your valuables. The manager was awesome!-HP-A
maria crespo
17:46 08 Jul 20
I really love this place. Storage unit has lots of space. Staff is friendly. Place is clean. Close to my home.
Yeroc Henderson
18:36 24 Jan 20
I would recommend this storage facility to anyone looking for professional and efficient service. Thank you guys at Safe and Secure storage!
Enes Y
18:57 12 Jun 19
Very nice and cozy place You should visit there even you don’t think to buy a bicycle
Jules Tyler
20:05 15 Apr 19
I have used this place for years. I will always use this place. Jose & Mike both treat me with the utmost respect always. If i have an issue they're always right on top of it. They really know how to make a customer feel special.
Wandas Cosmetics
20:03 15 Apr 19
I keep all of my seasonal items locked away in Safe & Secure. I love it and you can't beat the prices.
Stacey Work
15:10 22 Mar 19
I really like this place and the staff is great. I rented a 10x15 storage unit and I recently transferred over to a 15x20 unit. All in all it's a great place locally in Garfield.
Kim Matthews
03:27 08 Mar 19
The BEST place to rent any storage space you need. Plus their prices are cheaper then any other storage facility. This will be my SECOND unit. Building is clean, convenient & their on- site staff ROCKS....Thanks Jose & Alexis for your first-class help.
June Arthur
23:58 06 Mar 19
Super friendly and knowledgeable staff. Very Clean Facility. The move in process was a very smooth and quick. Overall great experience. I highly recommend doing business them.
Nenad Rabrenovic
17:17 01 Nov 18
Great experience with Peter, Suggestion to owner he should be Manager- Self Storage.... Jose not helpful!
Noeun Kim
23:59 31 Oct 18
2 docks, fast unloading. First come first serve.
Henry Rant
13:49 18 May 18
I really like these guys. I spoke with the customer service rep to rent a 10x10 storage unit and found that they were very professional and polite. On the date I booked I came in and Michael was waiting there for me. I asked, "Are you Michael?" I am Michael, "he replied." Michael said, "Thank-you for being so punctual." I guess a little bit of flatter never hurt anyone right? So, I went to my storage locker and found that the place was very clean and spacious. I actually remember going into this building as a kid before it was Central Bergen Properties. They really did this place up nice. Growing up in Clifton New Jersey, all we had to do as kids was explore old warehouses and things like that. So, I was pleasantly pleased when I cam into this place, which I have been to before and see that they fixed it up.
John Ingram
17:21 16 May 18
I was combing the internet for an affordable storage company in the Garfield New Jersey area. I had reached out to a few places only to find some steep pricing. I stumbled upon Safe & Secure Self Storage by going through google maps and found that they were very professional over the phone and their pricing was almost 10-20% less than what I was quotes by the other self storage companies I had spoke to. I was really happy with the service and the prices thanks guys!
John Leiberman
16:26 08 May 18
I came here as a first time storage company user and I have to say it's a really cool building. The property is huge. The building is very nice. I was a bit confused as to there location at first, but they're right in-between all of the major roads from the city and depending on the hour I would imagine not to hard to get to in a good amount of time. I do appreciate the customer service, because I have had horrible experience with other company's and their customer service. FYI: I came into the office with a chip on my shoulder because I wasn't sure what to expect and i was really nervous about leaving our furniture anywhere else but our home. My wife is the one that found them and I went to make sure she was making the right decision (i always second guess my wife and then I realize she's right). So, as far as my experience I give them an A+ and thanks again for making my first storing experience a very smooth one. Thanks again!
Jeff Libers
15:40 08 May 18
I came here not knowing what to expect and I have to say I am quite pleased. It just so happens that I booked my unit for Tuesday May 7th and I had to reschedule till today the 8th. They were more than accomodating with extending the booking (it was on ground level). I was very pleased with the fact that they have very controlled hours which made me feel more secure because the stuff I am storing is very fragile and means a lot to me. The storage prices are more than affordable. I live on the lower west side of Manhattan and they're located within 20 minutes from the Lincoln tunnel (prices are 25% of the standard in NYC New York City) . I am very pleased and the staff were very polite and friendly. Thanks guys!
Cooper Chris
13:22 27 Apr 18
The staff here are super friendly. I was amazed that they are the largest self storage facility in New Jersey. There are several other self storage facilities near Bergen County. However they are much smaller and have a worse rating. Which makes me question how can Safe & Secure Self Storage keep a rating above 4 and have so many clients. I guess the proof is in the math. Quality customer service. Always greeted with a smile. If I'm late on payment, I received several notifications. All around great place
Sarah W
16:02 16 Mar 18
We are glad we found this storage place, and highly recommend it! Customer service is excellent and the staff is easy to work with! Facility is pristine and well organized. Their dock and bay design is a bit different than what we have seen before. Instead of a row of multiple bays side by side, they have two bays in one large main area, and two other bays in a smaller area. Make sure you familiarize yourself with their access hours. If you need to continually reach your belongings during later hours, consider a 24 hr access facility instead. For us, this place met our needs!
Roci P
21:22 12 Mar 18
Michael is courteous, always smiling and ready to help. Transferring to a smaller unit was so easy. I'm glad I made the right choice and stored my belongings at Safe and Secure. I feel valued as a customer and am very satisfied. It's always a pleasure stopping in!
Marilyn Bracero
01:01 23 Feb 18
Best prices in my area. Facility was clean, well lit and the employees were very polite. Rental process was quick and painless. No regrets picking this company. Keep up the good work.
Katherine Cruz
00:57 23 Feb 18
Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Clean facility. Move in process was a breeze. Overall great experience.
Chuck Peterson
21:21 22 Feb 18
Jose what can I say about Jose, beautiful soul of a man, first time renting a storage unit, been calling different places for two days now and none made me want to sign up until I met with Jose, great experience felt like I was talking to an old friend, can't wait to do it again highly recommendedThanks Safe & Secure!!!
Rox M
22:32 22 Jan 18
This is my first time using a storage and I am so happy with my experience. The gentleman who assisted me was very helpful. I am a woman and I don't like to go alone so I am happy they have so many cameras. I feel my stuff is very safe there and the price is right! Thank you guys for making my experience an easy one.
Soul Deep
23:17 05 Jan 18
Courteous and knowledgeable staff. Great location and reasonable prices. Overall good experience
Karen H
17:03 28 Dec 17
By far the best storage place in the area. Best prices and very polite staff!!
Nicholas Conte
21:28 12 Sep 17
After my initial review I was contacted and had my issue resolved over the phone. Customer service like this is rare and I am very happy with the speed and professionalism of the person who responded to my review. I would recommend using this facility in the future
18:02 29 Jun 17
By far the best storage place I've been too! The guys that work there are great and everything is super convenient! I will recommend to all my friends and family! Rates are very low if you're on a budget! Thanks for all your help guys!
Vanessa Baque
18:39 10 Jun 17
We have been customers there for over two years. The staff has always been very helpful and polite. We upgraded to a larger unit, and we love it. The place is always clean and it is very easy to get to. We are always greeted with a smile by Jose when we show up. He is always very friendly and helpful. Thank you, Jose.
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