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Courteous and knowledgeable staff. Great location and reasonable prices. Overall good experience
Soul Deep
23:17 05 Jan 18
By far the best storage place in the area. Best prices and very polite staff!!
Karen H
17:03 28 Dec 17
After my initial review I was contacted and had my issue resolved over the phone. Customer service like this is rare and I am very happy with the speed and professionalism of the person who responded to my review. I would recommend using this facility in the future
Nicholas Conte
21:28 12 Sep 17
We have been customers there for over two years. The staff has always been very helpful and polite. We upgraded to a larger unit, and we love it. The place is always clean and it is very easy to get to. We are always greeted with a smile by Jose when we show up. He is always very friendly and helpful. Thank you, Jose.
Vanessa Baque
18:39 10 Jun 17
By far the best storage place I've been too! The guys that work there are great and everything is super convenient! I will recommend to all my friends and family! Rates are very low if you're on a budget! Thanks for all your help guys!
18:02 29 Jun 17
This is my first time using a storage and I am so happy with my experience. The gentleman who assisted me was very helpful. I am a woman and I don't like to go alone so I am happy they have so many cameras. I feel my stuff is very safe there and the price is right! Thank you guys for making my experience an easy one.
Rox M
22:32 22 Jan 18
Jose what can I say about Jose, beautiful soul of a man, first time renting a storage unit, been calling different places for two days now and none made me want to sign up until I met with Jose, great experience felt like I was talking to an old friend, can't wait to do it again highly recommendedThanks Safe & Secure!!!
Chuck Peterson
21:21 22 Feb 18
Best prices in my area. Facility was clean, well lit and the employees were very polite. Rental process was quick and painless. No regrets picking this company. Keep up the good work.
Marilyn Bracero
01:01 23 Feb 18
Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Clean facility. Move in process was a breeze. Overall great experience.
Katherine Cruz
00:57 23 Feb 18
Michael is courteous, always smiling and ready to help. Transferring to a smaller unit was so easy. I'm glad I made the right choice and stored my belongings at Safe and Secure. I feel valued as a customer and am very satisfied. It's always a pleasure stopping in!
Roci P
21:22 12 Mar 18
We are glad we found this storage place, and highly recommend it! Customer service is excellent and the staff is easy to work with! Facility is pristine and well organized. Their dock and bay design is a bit different than what we have seen before. Instead of a row of multiple bays side by side, they have two bays in one large main area, and two other bays in a smaller area. Make sure you familiarize yourself with their access hours. If you need to continually reach your belongings during later hours, consider a 24 hr access facility instead. For us, this place met our needs!
Sarah W
16:02 16 Mar 18
The staff here are super friendly. I was amazed that they are the largest self storage facility in New Jersey. There are several other self storage facilities near Bergen County. However they are much smaller and have a worse rating. Which makes me question how can Safe & Secure Self Storage keep a rating above 4 and have so many clients. I guess the proof is in the math. Quality customer service. Always greeted with a smile. If I'm late on payment, I received several notifications. All around great place
Cooper Chris
13:22 27 Apr 18
I came here as a first time storage company user and I have to say it's a really cool building. The property is huge. The building is very nice. I was a bit confused as to there location at first, but they're right in-between all of the major roads from the city and depending on the hour I would imagine not to hard to get to in a good amount of time. I do appreciate the customer service, because I have had horrible experience with other company's and their customer service. FYI: I came into the office with a chip on my shoulder because I wasn't sure what to expect and i was really nervous about leaving our furniture anywhere else but our home. My wife is the one that found them and I went to make sure she was making the right decision (i always second guess my wife and then I realize she's right). So, as far as my experience I give them an A+ and thanks again for making my first storing experience a very smooth one. Thanks again!
John Leiberman
16:26 08 May 18
I came here not knowing what to expect and I have to say I am quite pleased. It just so happens that I booked my unit for Tuesday May 7th and I had to reschedule till today the 8th. They were more than accomodating with extending the booking (it was on ground level). I was very pleased with the fact that they have very controlled hours which made me feel more secure because the stuff I am storing is very fragile and means a lot to me. The storage prices are more than affordable. I live on the lower west side of Manhattan and they're located within 20 minutes from the Lincoln tunnel (prices are 25% of the standard in NYC New York City) . I am very pleased and the staff were very polite and friendly. Thanks guys!
Jeff Libers
15:40 08 May 18
I really like these guys. I spoke with the customer service rep to rent a 10x10 storage unit and found that they were very professional and polite. On the date I booked I came in and Michael was waiting there for me. I asked, "Are you Michael?" I am Michael, "he replied." Michael said, "Thank-you for being so punctual." I guess a little bit of flatter never hurt anyone right? So, I went to my storage locker and found that the place was very clean and spacious. I actually remember going into this building as a kid before it was Central Bergen Properties. They really did this place up nice. Growing up in Clifton New Jersey, all we had to do as kids was explore old warehouses and things like that. So, I was pleasantly pleased when I cam into this place, which I have been to before and see that they fixed it up.
Henry Rant
13:49 18 May 18
I was combing the internet for an affordable storage company in the Garfield New Jersey area. I had reached out to a few places only to find some steep pricing. I stumbled upon Safe & Secure Self Storage by going through google maps and found that they were very professional over the phone and their pricing was almost 10-20% less than what I was quotes by the other self storage companies I had spoke to. I was really happy with the service and the prices thanks guys!
John Ingram
17:21 16 May 18
Great experience with Peter, Suggestion to owner he should be Manager- Self Storage.... Jose not helpful!
Nenad Rabrenovic
17:17 01 Nov 18
Super friendly and knowledgeable staff. Very Clean Facility. The move in process was a very smooth and quick. Overall great experience. I highly recommend doing business them.
June Arthur
23:58 06 Mar 19
The BEST place to rent any storage space you need. Plus their prices are cheaper then any other storage facility. This will be my SECOND unit. Building is clean, convenient & their on- site staff ROCKS....Thanks Jose & Alexis for your first-class help.
Kim Matthews
03:27 08 Mar 19
I really like this place and the staff is great. I rented a 10x15 storage unit and I recently transferred over to a 15x20 unit. All in all it's a great place locally in Garfield.
Stacey Work
15:10 22 Mar 19
I have used this place for years. I will always use this place. Jose & Mike both treat me with the utmost respect always. If i have an issue they're always right on top of it. They really know how to make a customer feel special.
Jules Tyler
20:05 15 Apr 19
I keep all of my seasonal items locked away in Safe & Secure. I love it and you can't beat the prices.
Wandas Cosmetics
20:03 15 Apr 19
Very nice and cozy place You should visit there even you don’t think to buy a bicycle
Enes Y
18:57 12 Jun 19
I would recommend this storage facility to anyone looking for professional and efficient service. Thank you guys at Safe and Secure storage!
Yeroc Henderson
18:36 24 Jan 20
I really love this place. Storage unit has lots of space. Staff is friendly. Place is clean. Close to my home.
maria crespo
17:46 08 Jul 20
Excellent service. I really appreciate how they accommodated our last minute changes to the reservation. And when that didn’t work for us - they found us an even better space at the location. Highly recommend this storage facility. It is safe, friendly and secure - cameras where you need them to guard your valuables. The manager was awesome!-HP-A
Henrietta M Paz-Amor
11:44 13 Jul 20
Thank you so much to Keisha for helping me!!! Very prompt and convenient services offered!!! very polite and helpful staff
Ebony Chavis
22:25 16 Jul 20
Wonderful place! Really friendly staff, great rates/promos, and so accommodating! Facilities are clean, plenty of dollies/equipment, easy to pull up a truck and unload. Very satisfied customer!
Meridith Mikulich
00:53 27 Sep 20
I love this place. It’s clean bright lighting safe and easy access to my storage unit. Staff is friendly and courteous. The prices are reasonable.
Jasmine Sanchez
01:26 22 Sep 20
I had the pleasure of dealing with keisha she’s an awesome person to deal with. Very understanding and she helped me with everything I needed!! Will be calling back to speak to her if I ever have a question.
Ashley Miyashiro
19:43 21 Sep 20
I would just like to say to anyone who is trying to decide on a self storage place, THIS STORAGE IS THE BESSTTTTTTT AND MOST PROFESSIONAL!!!!! When I first found them in the summertime I was frantic and could not find the correct place because I wanted to find a place that I knew his temperature controlled and clean and one that I felt safe with. After I found this company I gave them a call the customer service representative was so incredibly helpful, you could just hear the air of patience that she had with my million questions! After I went there I could’ve been more satisfied with the security and cleanliness. The representative Sue, Paul and Marvin were always there and didn’t hesitate with any of my needs!! The Manager even gave me a cover for my furniture for free when I signed up!!I want to say that this company has my highest recommendation. Thank you again! And I will be using your services in the future. 😀
Henny Avitan
20:50 24 Oct 20
Needed to store a couple items and I did extensive research on a couple different locations. I picked this one because of the location and price and I’m happy I did. It’s really safe, and the staff is very nice. Being that it’s a family owned company, I know I’ll be taken care of better so I’m glad I went with them instead of one of the big name brands.
Daniela Munoz
22:44 12 Nov 20
So glad I found this place!! Husband and I needed to find a self-storage place quick due to some emergency repair work being done at home. This place is fantastic. Super cool vintage industrial vibe; nice , clean storage place, easy access, conveniently located. We went here in the evening, almost closing time. We were assisted by Keisha who was very professional and very nice in presenting our options and getting us signed on. I would definitely recommend this place- friendly service, great prices, very pleasant experience !!
Larisa Yankovich
01:34 18 Nov 20
I am extremely satisfied with this storage facility. The building is clean, the prices are reasonable, the employees are friendly and it is very convenient. The signup was simple and quick. The elevators make it easy to access my upstairs unit. It is a pleasure to deal with such a well-run company...never any problems. I don't know why anyone would rent elsewhere!!!
Richard Jurewicz
19:07 18 Nov 20
I am a repeat and long term customer of Safe and Secure. They are my first and only choice.The facility is safe, clean and well lit with easy access. Check in is simple. There is constant communication and updates about anything new.The staff and owners are friendly and helpful and will do what it takes to make your experience 100% excellent!
Maria Laura Dara
17:06 30 Dec 20
This place is amazing, very courteous, very professional, very helpful on every customer’s needs. Staff is very friendly and very attentive to every person’s needs so I’d recommend this storage facility any day any time. Management is also amazing as well as the owner who I had the privilege to speak to over the phone so yes this place is awesome and their prices are truly affordable beyond point so if anyone is looking for a storage spot, well this is the place you all should look and rent from. These are my thoughts of this place and believe me you won’t regret it whatsoever. Come and join this place it’s the best place you won’t find nowhere else believe that so I give them the 5 stars or more stars treatment because they all deserve it at this place.
John Cerdeira
00:42 25 Jan 21
Great service, response, prices. I would highly recommend this storage company - the unit is clean, temperature controlled, and has easy access. I've only had great experiences with the staff.
Serena Shanbhag
01:47 06 Feb 21
I’m glad to have found a storage unit at this location. A very clean and secure environment. As for the staff, Keshia & Ivanna are very friendly and always willing to help. Also, they go on and beyond to make sure customers are satisfied and help find solutions when issues arise. I’ve rented storage units in other locations, but here I feel at home. Furthermore, thank you girls for always helping the people I refer to your storage. Every single one of them speak very highly of you girls. Continue to provide excellent customer service, and hopefully your company recognizes your dedication and hard work.
BumpPro Products
08:46 25 Feb 21
Ms Debbie was very professional, concise, and very knowledgeable. Atmosphere was comfortable as well as educational. Job well done and thank you! I feel prepared and ready to educate!!!
Shauna Sias
22:19 23 Apr 21
Please look no further for fair and convenient storage space. Not only the rates are the best in NJ but also the management’s hospitality is a delight. Forget “franchised storage companies” and get the real deal with real people that understand your needs and frustrations when it comes to storage. Me and my wife are great fans and our big moving day was definitively facilitated by this place. That’s all.
01:39 04 May 21