Why Does a Small Business Need Self Storage?

A large majority of small to medium sized businesses have all kinds of raw materials, stock and other equipment that take up a lot of unnecessary space. This can issue can be solved by business storage at Safe & Secure Self Storage.

Business Storage for Small To Medium Sized Companies

All companies are required to keep their financial and other official documentation for 6-10 years. Most can’t really afford to make space to keep these records safe and secure, especially at their primary place of business. Also, there are several home-based businesses springing up all throughout the country and many of them feel overwhelmed by the space these documents and stock take up in their homes. There are several reasons these businesses can benefit by storing items in self storage. We’ll cover just a few here.

What reasons would my company need business storage?

Your business is relocating:

Relocating a business is just as complex if not even more complex as moving a home. If a business is moving locations, scaling up or downsizing, storage helps to have a short-term flexible space to store equipment, paperwork, stock and furniture. All of this convenience allows a business owner to focus on moving the essentials and getting everything setup, so they don’t need to worry about losing organization of their paperwork.

Archiving and Paperwork:

With the laws and guidelines requiring a company to keep their documents stored for 6 years, piles of paperwork can pile up. Depending on how much paperwork or documents your company has, this can cause a cluttered mess. This also could cause someone to have trouble locating specific documents. At Safe & Secure Self Storage the cost per square foot of renting with us could prove far less than renting commercial space.

Retail Stock Storage:

Maybe you have an expanding business, but you’re running out of space in your shop, work shop or storefront to store everything. Maybe you’re a seasonal business which has a large stock for distribution to sellers or to sell at a specific time of year. Regardless of your needs, storing these items in a clean, dry and secure place is a necessity. Our flexible visitation policy allows for you to add or remove stock at your own leisure.


Warehousing is a large scale level of stock storage and includes a wide array of other solutions and services. Safe & Secure Self Storage offers warehouse storage as a more affordable solution compared to warehouse facilities with long-term leases and very inflexible terms. We offer both affordable and flexible solutions for long-term and short-term storage.

Equipment Storage:

There’s always limitations with workshop space. This may be ok for the small workshop that only needs limited equipment for specific products or product series. However, many shop style businesses change their equipment from project to project. Storage space on-site is limited if you’re using the space for the products your business is producing. This is the same for mobile based businesses like service companies, repair, renovation, gardeners and other mobile based services. Safe & Secure offers affordable and flexible storage space options.

Dedicated Office Space:

Although many office buildings offer free space, several companies find it more convenient to rent storage unit space instead. The units can be used as an office space as required for paperwork, administrative needs and so forth. This is a very convenient and affordable solution for mobile businesses.

Home Based Businesses:

Many new entrepreneurs are starting their own companies and selling via the internet and other platforms like OFFER UP. These entrepreneurs find self storage a very affordable and convenient solution for their stock to be stored and a great place to meet new customers.

Online Retail Business:

Often run from home, online retail businesses need somewhere to store their stock. Whether suppliers on eBay or Amazon or run through personal business websites, the garage or the spare

Solutions for Business Storage Near Garfield New Jersey

Self-storage has a variety of applications. Most people recognize it as residential storage and a place to hold belongings while they are in the living areas. What most people do not consider, however, is that storage unit can also be great tools for business storage nj. Some companies have even started to carry out their entire operation with storage units.

Which companies can benefit from business storage near New Jersey?

Several industries have determined that commercial storage services offered by storage facilities can help their activities:
  • Contractors often find that renting self-storage space enables them to save more money when storing materials and equipment. Some even find that they can run their business properly without renting office space because of business storage nj.

  • Retail businesses often have trouble finding a way to keep their stock at their locations. This is especially true in larger cities where storage space is high. These companies switch to business storing facilities nj to house their inventory in the neighborhood.

  • Brokers and other sales-oriented experts use signs and other marketing materials to make their name known. This promotional material can also take up a lot of space. If these items take over your garage or office space, the use of company storage is a good option.

  • Some offices have a wealth of supplies for their office space, including everything from toiletries and paper to extra desks and monitors. Offices, where there is no room for these supplies, can choose to place them in a storage unit until they are needed later.

Why use business storage?

Self-storage units are capable of helping companies improve their overall operations in several ways. Some of the most notable benefits are:

1) It Saves money

Saving money is something that all companies want to do. With modern technology available, many local businesses find ways to work without a real office. But they often still need a place to store their materials and equipment. Self-storage facilities offer this space and at much lower rates than renting an office or warehouse.

2) Prime locations

For companies that travel all over the city to get to their next job, location can be incredibly vital. Even if a company is renting space because they are no longer in their office, the location is crucial. With so many storage facilities to choose from on

Safe and Secure Self-Storage, companies can easily find the location that best suits them. With the extra money saved by using self-storage, these companies can even consider hiring multiple units in different parts of the city to make their activities more efficient.

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Self Storage Offers a Convenient Business Storage Solution

Over the last few decades businesses have been moving away from traditional hours (9-5) Mon-Friday and moving towards 6-7 days a week with hours early in the morning and into the night. It’s only common sense to make sure all company documentation be available during their operating hours.

Whereas a company that doesn’t utilize storage space will have to dig through piles of boxes, they can easily access a storage unit any time of the day if they store it properly in a storage unit. At Safe & Secure Self Storage you can easily learn how to store items efficiently and in a manner that will be easier to locate the items that are needed,

Self Storage Offers Security for Business Documentation and Stock

What would happen if your business was broken into, fire damage or flooding? Self Storage offers guaranteed security and requires insurance to protect your items if something were to happen. Although for something to happen to a storage locker is very rare, it still offers additional security to remove these concerns. A break-in or burglary tends to happen outside of typical business hours and may happen without served consequences if the company doesn’t have CCTV or 24/7 security cameras.

However, storage companies like Safe & Secure have 24/7 surveillance. Putting your businesses official documents and goods inside storage protect them from the risk of fire damage, water damage and the other issues that could arise. I’m sure we all could agree that events like fire, flood or burglary could prove dastardly for a company’s inventory and paperwork.

Self Storage Creates Space for a Business to Grow

Self Storage offers more space for businesses to grow. Industrial and commercial space is rented by the square foot and will come with additional expenses like electric, gas, insurance and security. When using a storage facility, your company is just paying for the unit you use. This frees up space so you don’t have to lease an additional store front or space. It’s very easy to find the amount of space you need and only rent that much space. (Storage Calculator – Play with it) In closing, storage sites make a more affordable and secure solution to remove some of the clutter from your business.

Business Storage with Safe & Secure is Very Useful.

There’s no doubt that using a storage company like Safe & Secure Self Storage is useful and it’s flexible. There’s no long-term commitments, in fact we’re only month-to-month which keeps you from yearly contracts to utilize more space or lease another space. Renting a storage unit can be long-term, short-term, strategic business plan or for an emergency. Here are several reasons why small to medium sized businesses can benefit from using Safe & Secure Self Storage services.

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Safe & Secure Self Storage offers safety to businesses as a business storage solution. Business rest easy knowing their items are safe from flooding, theft and fire.

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