self storage companies near me that have large space available affordable and cheacp solutions for storing large household goods and clothing. several different types of self storage units available

Safe and Secure Self Storage Info

Safe and Secure has several uses for our self storage units that will meet your storage needs. If you live within the Bergen County New Jersey area and you’re looking for a local self storage company, we have you covered. Not only is Safe and Secure and affordable solution for you, but we have many different types of self storage sizes to choose from.

Safe and secure has over a million square feet of commercial storage units for commercial and residential storage. Please review any of the information below and we will gladly answer any questions you may have. Call us @ 973-832-0041

Our Self Storage Amenities

Businesses and homeowners use self-storage units for a wide array of reasons such as storing documents or excess inventory, moving from one home to another, decluttering an apartment or a home and adding on or remodeling a business. Therefore, it is a given that they want a local self-storage facility that can offer them some useful amenities. If you do a market search, you will find a number of storage facilities offering unique features to you, but they also have a high price tag and not everyone can afford it.

Business Storage

Having a local or a home based business is hard enough but then as you grow you need to account for surplus and documents. Safe and Secure offers storage options for several types of businesses including movers. We have the resources available to keep your items safe and secure.

Moving and Storage

When people are moving in the next town over or moving long distance they may need storage. Safe & Secure Self Storage Garfield has you covered.

Pay Online

We have several payment options available for our local self storage facility. You can pay online through out website or pay in person.

Quality Customer Service

You never know when you might need access to your storage unit. There could be an emergency or you may have a problem with your door alarm or lock. What do you do then? Obviously, you reach out to the facility’s customer service. But, what if they are unavailable? This could cause a lot of problems in the long term. Realizing this, Safe and Secure has ensured that its clients can enjoy the best possible customer service. They are willing to assist you with any problem you may have. With this facility, you can enjoy flexible scheduling as per your convenience, avoid any hidden service charges or fee, free transportation of things from your home to the unit discounted moving supplies such as packing peanuts and boxes.

Hence, with Safe and Secure, you can find the best storage solution for your belongings.

Premium Security

The security of your belongings is on the top of your mind and should be the same for the storage facility. The good news is that Safe and Secure offers premium security to fulfill this goal, which means there is no need to stress out whether you are storing sensitive business documents or home valuables. They offer 24-hour video surveillance, individual door locks and alarms, a fenced perimeter and passcode protected entry gate along with ample outdoor and indoor lighting.

Small Vehicle Storage

In many cases we may be able to assist you with your vehicle storage for ATV’s and Motorcycles. One of our rules is that the gas tank be empty so go for a joy ride before you come to store your motorcycle or ATV.

Storage Insurance

It’s a rule with us you must have insurance to cover your items, but we offer storage insurance services. If you have renters insurance or homeowners insurance you may already have what you need. Call in and ask us for info on all of this.

Secure Document Storage

Storing documents is very important in the eyes of business owners and in the eyes of the government. Give us a ring to see how we can help you with your document storage needs.

Small Business Storage Units

Small Business Storage Units are in High Demand

Many small Businesses are required to keep their financial and other official documentation for 6-10 years. Most small businesses can’t really afford to make space to keep these records safe and secure, especially at their primary place of business. Also, there are several home-based businesses springing up all throughout the country and many of them feel overwhelmed by the space these documents and stock take up in their homes. There are several reasons these entrepreneurs can benefit small business storage units.

small business storage units in garfield new jersey with warehouse storage space for rent

Safe & Secure Self Storage offers safety to businesses as a business storage solution. Business rest easy knowing their items are safe from flooding, theft and fire.

moving and self storage while renovating or relocating long distance.

Relocating long distance or renovating your house can become troublesome, if you don’t have storage space. Safe & Secure Self Storage offers their local storage facility to those in need of extra space.

People Moving Need Storage

Moving and Storage Go Hand-in-Hand

Wondering what to do with your furniture when renovating your house, living room or dining room or moving long distance? When it comes to moving and storage you can never be too careful with how your items are stored. Getting space for furniture around the house can be a challenging task because most people just do not have extra space to store a sofa, extra tables or chairs anywhere in their homes. In such cases, easy access to a local self storage facility while moving may be the perfect solution for you.

Local Document Storage Facility

Protecting Your Documents in Self Storage Properly is Important.

At some points when business records, reports, and paper assume take over your office, or you do not have enough storage space for them. At that very stage, you need to consider compiling your archives and storing them in a local self-storage facility. Self-storage and business storage can simply work together. Storing your official documents in self-storage helps to decrease awkwardness in your office while expanding workspace and boosting profitability!

small business storage units in garfield new jersey with warehouse storage space for rent

Safe & Secure Self Storage offers safety to businesses as a business storage solution. Business rest easy knowing their items are safe from flooding, theft and fire.

moving and packing supplies we have at our local self storage facility safe and secure

Moving and Packing Supplies

Storing Gets Easier and Safer with Packing Supplies

Once the decision has been made to put things in storage, the next step is to decide how to packing and placing them correctly. The first step is to select packing materials. Many of us have made the mistake of going to local liquor stores or supermarkets to source for materials, only to discover that they are killing boxes almost as soon as they receive them. If it happens that they store boxes, they are usually of different sizes, partially damaged or contaminated with insects or food residues.