Self Storage Questions

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What is self-storage?

Many may not be familiar with what self-storage is and how it works. On this page we will address the most popular self storage questions asked by our customers. At safe and secure we receive many self-storage questions that we provide answers to. We will publish the most popular below.

Personal Self-Storage allows you to store your personal belongings or household items that may be taking up a lot of space, but you don’t use anymore. Businesses like Safe and Secure Self-Storage have facilities that rent storage lockers. (Many self-storage companies call them “storage units” or “storage lockers”) These storage units are typically rented out on a “month to month” basis.

Self-Storage Questions 1: How do I use self-storage?

  1. Document what you’re storing. (Look into what you can and can’t store in a storage locker)
  2. Figure out the correct size for your needs. (Safe and Secures unit space comes in many different sizes. Find the right size here)
  3. What type of amenities will you need? (Will you need a climate controlled storage unit? Need 24-hour access? We can explain more here)
  4. Safe and Secure has very competitive pricing, but it’s always good to check out other prices. (Do they offer sign on incentives? Is there a manager on duty during business hours?)
  5. Packing your unit can be complicated, but not if you do your research first. (We suggest looking into how to pack your stuff appropriately.)
  6. Renting a moving truck. (Safe and Secure also has rental truck availability on premises.)
  7. Your move into our facility. (Our units provide easy access and off loading capabilities at the ground level and several ways including elevator to the higher floors units.)
  8. Paying storage rent on time. (We don’t want you to be worried about storage auctions, learn more about storage auctions here.)
  9. What are the minimum number of months I can rent? Leasing a self-storage unit 99% of the time is just a month-month basis, but in some cases our promotions allow for a 3-6 month locked in rate for storage units. (For Example: 1 month free with 3-6 month agreement)
  10. Self Storage Questions 2: How can I prevent my unit from being auctioned? Firstly, make sure you pay your rent on-time. If you’re unable to make the rent payment, be sure to contact the storage facility and let them know when it will be paid. ALWAYS review your contract, so you know how many delinquent days you’re allowed without payment before the auctioning process takes place.FYI: Most facilities don’t want to auction your personal items from your storage unit. It’s always best to remain up front and forthcoming if you’re in a bind. The storage auction process is way to time consuming and stressful for a company to go out of there way to auction your unit.
  11. Self-Storage Question 3: What forms of payments do you accept? We accept all type of payment methods. For the payment related issues please contact our customer care support they will guide you throughout the payment process.
  12. Storage Facility Question 4: Do I need a reservation or can I just walk in and rent a space? The majority of storage facilities welcome walk-ins and may not require a reservation, but that’s not to say they will have the exact space you’re looking for… So in many cases it’s best to look over their reservations and make sure or submit a reservation to sure up your specific size unit. (Please visit our storage space booking page for more details.)
  13. Self Storage Questions 5: Are there any restricted Items? Yes, objects such as weapons of any kind are restricted in the storage and all the illegal materials are also not accepted.
  14. Storage Facility Question 6: Do I need credit for my storage unit? No! Most if not all storage facilities will not run a credit check when customers sign the lease for their unit. However, some facilities in New York and New Jersey require a background check for 24-hour access. This only serves the purpose of vetting for criminal activity, but not credit issues.