What are vehicle storage units?

Storage for vehicles is the most cost-effective and ideal processes to keep your car in perfect state until you are in need of it again.

These car storage units are special facilities that are tailored for storing most cars, whether it is a classic car or a family boat. Vehicle storage units are categorized by their easy access, features, and other functionalities.

The process undergone when renting a space for your vehicles is the same as renting any other unit for self-storing. Make sure you contact your storage facility personnel to understand what it entails when storing your vehicle.

Why choose vehicle storage?

There is more to good long-term vehicle storage than just leaving dust in a clumsy garage. The advantages of self-storing of vehicles are as follows:


  • Advanced protection against unfavorable elements
  • in and out conveniences and accessibility
  • Maximum flexibility: choosing indoor, outdoor, covered or uncovered storage option for vehicles


What are the average storing prices for vehicles?

The pricing rates depend on the type of space you are needing. There are three major types of storing options for vehicles:

  • Uncovered parking space: an open area where you can safely park your vehicle, which is least expensive.
  • Covered parking space (mid-range): Outdoor area with a roofing model, this parking space is similar to a carport.
  • The indoor storing unit (most expensive): a closed unit with a rolling door that can be locked, which is suitable for smaller vehicles.

If you are storing your vehicle for just a short period, you can save money by choosing an outdoor storage space.

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removing your car from the elements is best served by safe and secure vehicle storage
Don't damage your car this winter!
removing your car from the elements is best served by safe and secure vehicle storage

Don’t damage your car this winter!

Car and motorcycle storing

Self-storage facilities have taken it upon themselves to increase their car storage offer over the past decade. With various features and protection options, car storage units are an unbeatable way to ensure that your vehicle gets the storage space it deserves.

Outdoor storing space for cars:

These vary from paved parking spaces for parking spaces to unused space around the site of such facilities. Because these spots are usually uncovered, they are also the most affordable option. We do not recommend using outdoor cars’ storage units if you live in an area liable to harsh or violent weather.

Covered storing space for cars:

Some parking places for cars have awnings under which you can park. These places cost more than normal outdoor spaces that are not covered but give your vehicle extra shielding against rain, dust, hail, and dirt.

Indoor car storing space:

Do you need long-term storage for your car? Indoor self-storage units are simply the best for safe, secure storage process. Smaller vehicles may fit in perfectly into a 10×15, while most vehicles fit comfortably in a 10×30. Please bear in mind that the storage of cars indoors is the most expensive storage option for cars.

 Storing for Motorcycles

Motorcycles fit into traditional units that are at lesser than 10 feet deep.

Storing of boats, jet skis and watercraft

Do not want to pay extra for marina storage? Self-storage units can be an extremely cost-effective alternative. Size is the most crucial factor to consider when choosing boat storage.

  • Most boats fit into a 10×15 storage unit.
  • Larger boats may require a unit of 10×20 or 10×30.
  • Keep in mind that those units posses heights of eight to ten feet.

Indoor storing for boats

Boat storage facilities are huge warehouses where boats are well stored in a single space. This is ideal if you live in a location with harsh weather conditions and need to prevent your vehicle from damage in the long term. If you opt for indoor boat storage, please note that the prices are considerably higher than outdoor boat storage spaces.

Facilities for outdoor boat storage

These are outdoor spaces at a storage facility where you can park your boat safely. Some facilities offer both covered and non-covered storage facilities for boats.

Storing for Jet Skis

Traditional units for self-storage are perfect for Jet Skis. Most jet skis can fit in a 10×10 storage unit.

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RV Storing

A lot of storage facilities offer RV storage. Although most RV sites are covered or completely covered, however, some storage facilities may provide sufficient space for indoor RV storage.

Outdoor space for RVs

Outdoor storage areas are mostly not utilized, open spaces on the premises. These places are often unsecured, which means that your vehicle is not protected against unfavorable elements. Outdoor rental space is the most affordable storage option for RVs.

RV storage places

RV parking spaces are properly paved, unlike outside areas. Some facilities mark specific areas for RVs. Although parking lots are also exposed, these paved surfaces can do a little more to protect your RV against dirt and dust when compared to an open parking lot.

Covered RV storage spaces

Although a more expensive option, Covered RV storage protects your RV against unfavorable elements – it is ideal if you live in an area with harsh weather conditions.

Indoor storage units for RV

These are large models of typical self-storage units and the safest process to store your vehicle. Indoor RV storage units usually clock at 12-15 ft. Wide, 30-50 ft. Long and 15 ft. Long. Since these indoor units are not negotiable in storage space, you must ensure that your RV will be able to fit into the storage space. Indoor RV storage units are the most expensive of all RV storage options.

What storage unit size suitable for my vehicle?

10×10 storing units
  • Ideal for motorcycles and small cars
  • Perhaps some jet skis would fit
10×15 storing units
  • These units are suitable for most coupes, hatchbacks, crossovers and small SUVs
  • Jet skis will fit in comfortably
  • Can be a good unit for standard boats
10×20 storing units
  • Most cars fit comfortably in this storage units
  • They are good storage models for most boats
10×30 storing units
  • Suitable for larger trucks and vans.
  • Most storage units possess a ceiling height of eight to ten feet.
  • They are a good fit for most boats

Vehicle storing guidelines

To ensure a safe and seamless experience, you must follow these guidelines when storing your vehicle in a storage facility:

  • Bring along your registration certificate and insurance certificate
  • All vehicles must have a valid registration number
  • When storing for a long time, remove the vehicle battery and store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Make sure your vehicle is ready to be stored. This includes cleaning the water tanks, removing the gas from the gas tank, filling up your entire tires, checking for the fuel lines and securing car covers, etc.